October 10, 2023

Architecture 5420: Digital Animation And Storytelling
Due: In-class screening November 2, 2023

Exercise 3: in and out of the light

Create a 1 to 2 minute animation with which explores varied lighting in a range of hues and highlighted movements of people, objects or performers. Use sound to underscore material, spatial and general ambient conditions for you study. You may use any of the rendering options (Maya Software, Maya Hardare 2.0, V-Ray , etc..) on this exercise.  You may also wish to use this exercise as an opportunity to experiment with combining rendering options (e.g., VRay and Maya Software, etc.). Also at your discretion, use this exercise for an initial test of themes, methods and/or technology related to your final project for the semester. The exercise should have a a “beginning”, “middle” and “end” or sense of a premise and resolution.

1. Use a range of spot, point and/or sunlight lighting sources.
Be mindful of editing for continuity, expression and conveyance of time.
3. Render your work in medium to high Maya software raytrace quality or in V-Ray. 

4. Create one or several separate sequences at the same resolution.
5. Work with one or more objects or creatures (i.e., human figures or other type beings) and optionally with particle instances of objects .
6. Record your work to a jpeg or png animation sequence(s) and compile the resulting animation in OpenShot or an alternative editing environment, and save to the ".mp4" file format. If your options don't permit you to save to the "mp4" format then you may also use the ".avi" format, or consult with the course instructor.
7. Place your work in the classes submit folder and submit a short 1 to 2 paragraph written description by email to the course instructor.