November 2, 2023

Architecture 5420: Digital Animation And Storytelling
Due: In-class screening November 30, 2023

Exercise 4: trailer for final movie

Create a 1 to 2 minute animation preview trailer of your final movie. Connect the use of sound to objects, spaces, and characters, their interactions and the greater environmental setting. Optionally, use a sound recorder to sample some potentially relevant sounds. The short movie trailer should identify the themes of your final movie but not necessarily its conclusion. For the preview you may incorporate still renderings as well as animation. The subject area is one that you should develop according to your own interests. An advising session with the course instructor and/or SIA should be planned prior to November 22nd to discuss the theme and approach you are working on.

1. Use one or more captured sounds.
2. Create one or several separate sequences at the same resolution.
3. Work with one or more objects.
4. Render your work in medium HD proportional resolution (e.g, 960 x 540 pixels or 1280 x 720 pixels).
5. Record your work to a jpeg or png animation sequence(s) and compile the resulting animation in Quicktime H.264 or MPEG-4 movie format. Use OpenShot or iMovie HD (on MacOS), Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or any editing system you prefer to create the short preview.
6. Place your work in the class submit folder and submit a short 1 to 2 paragraph written description to the course instructor and SIA.
7. Pace yourself with sample scenes and renderings over the next few weeks so that you have some representation of your project before Thankgiving Break , and use the last few days to edit and add finishing touches to the preview.

Note: The final review (final screening) will be set to occur during the final exam period. However, due to studio final reviews we will likley need to finalize the specific time to avoid potential scheduling conflicts. We will discuss this in greater detail in class.