Links to Software Downloads, Documentation and Other Resources

Software Resources

  1. Autodesk Maya Student License Full Version of Software (register and follow links to "get software")
  2. OpenShot Video Open Source Free Editing Software (Apple and Windows)
  3. Make Human Character Modeling Open Source Free Software (Apple and WIndows)
  4. GIMP Cross Platform Image Editor Open Source Free Software (Apple and Windows)
  5. Processing Open Sources Software for Video and Sound Processing


  1. online Maya textbooks through UVA Subscription (open to UVA community only)
  2. Maya tutorials, example files and PDF learning materials from autodesk
  3. Maya tutorials from Autodesk community
  4. Maya tutorials from
  5. Quicktime user guide

Audio Resources

  1. Sound Dogs copyright free and legal sound downloads (samples can be examined for free , but use requires a nominal fee).
  2. Partners in Rhyme copyright free, free and fee-based sound downloads
  3. Freesound royalty  free music _ use generally requires citation
  4. Audacity Free Download for Windows and Mac

UVA Technology Maya Supplements (Internal To UVA Only)

  1. Maya Render Farm Setup PDF
  2. Setup for Virtual Machines (Internal to UVA Only)

Reading Excerpts (Internal to UVA only)

  1. excerpt from Lynch Kevin, "What Time is This Place", MIT Press, 1972.
  2. excerpt from Rainer Maria Rilke, "The Notes of Malte Laurids Brigge", 1910, from Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sarte, Edited by Walter Kaufman, The World.
  3. excerpt from Walter Murch, "In The Blink of an Eye", Silman-James Press, 1995.
  4. excerpt from Oliver Sacks, "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat", Harper & Row Publishers, 1987.
  5. excerpt on film and reality from Rudolf Arnheim, Film As Art, MIT Press, 1957.
  6. excerpt on rmotion from Rudolf Arnheim, Film As Art, MIT Press, 1957.
  7. excerpt on reduced depth from Rudolf Arnheim, Film As Art, MIT Press, 1957.