data visualization

Links and Readings of Interest

Many formal readings for the class are on the UVA Collab site.


Data Visualization Sites, Blogs, and Research :
*** Not yet! I'm not going to give away the first assignment!!! Check back later.
Information is Beautiful
Chart Porn
Flowing Data
GE Data Visualization
IBM Research - Many Eyes
MapCite - Location Intelligence
National Infographic
and so many more ...


Web Design / Information Organization :
W3Schools - HTML and related tutorials
The W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
CSS Property Index


Spatial and Human Interfaces :
The Gettysburg Address - PowerPoint Presentation (Peter Norvig)
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint
Apple Human Interface Guidelines html version | PDF file - 410 pages
From Interface to Interplace (article)
Human Interface Technology Lab
Conversation Theory discussion & resources


The History of the Web :
Vannevar Bush and the Memex
Vannevar Bush - As We May Think - gen. information
Vannevar Bush - As We May Think - the article
Ted Neslon
Ted Nelson - Project Xanadu
Cyberspace - some definitions
Tim Berners Lee (his own page)
The World Wide Web - a short personal history
Hypertext and our Collective Destiny