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SXSW Eco: Beyond the Burlap Bag
(The Austin Chronicle, 10.10.2012)

University of Virginia, Philippe Cousteau's Azure Worldwide, and The Nature Conservancy Announce Texas Watershed Game Simulation at SXSW Eco
(press release, 10.03.2012)

Can “Green Gamification” Save the World?
(TriplePundit, 03.14.2012)

Tapping Social Media's Potential To Muster a Vast Green Army
(environment 360, 07.11.2011)

Seven Chesapeake Bay-Region Universities Play U.Va. Bay Game on Earth Day
(UVa Today, 04.25.2011)

Education, Cooperation and Trade-Offs Are Key to Chesapeake Bay's Health, Says U.Va. Environmental Scientist
(UVa Today, 04.12.2011)

U.Va.'s Bay Game/Analytics Announced as One of IBM's World Community Grid
Research Projects

(UVa Today, 09.07.2010)

U.Va., Azure Worldwide Showcase U.Va. Bay Game
(UVa Today, 04.09.2010)

UVA, Cousteau Team Up to Clean Chesapeake Bay
(Fox News, 04.04.2010)

U.Va. and Philippe Cousteau's Azure Worldwide Join Forces to Secure a Brighter Future
for the Chesapeake Bay with the U.Va. Bay Game

(UVa Today, 03.19.2010)

UVa's The Bay Game aims to show man's effects on Chesapeake
(The Daily Progress, 03.18.2010)

The U.Va. Bay Game
(WVTF Public Radio, 05.06.2009)

The UVa Bay Game
(Charlottesville NewsPlex, 05.04.2009)

UVa computer simulation looks toward bay’s future
(Charlottesville Daily Progress, 04.23.2009)

U.Va.'s New 'Bay Game' to Launch on Earth Day
(Research News, 04.20.2009)

U.Va. Develops Chesapeake Bay Sustainability Game
(e! Science News, 03.26.2009)

U.Va. Develops Chesapeake Bay Sustainability Game
(Research News, 03.23.2009)


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